Photo: Bendo Schmidt // Mathilda Yokelin // Uni Árting

Musical Market Day - explore the sounds of the North Atlantic

On Saturday, 1st February from 11am-5pm, NJORD Biennale 2020 in collaboration with the North Atlantic Culture House, will opens its doors for a day filled with new art music and Nordic folk traditions - for those big and small.

We have named the programme 'Musical Market Day'. Spread over five floors in historic settings in a old warehouse in Christianshavn, we are inviting you for a truly authentic journey of discovery: From Faroese circle dance to Icelandic choral music, Greenlandic legends and children's opera to a concert with the world-famous recorder player Michala Petri.


The musical theatre company SAUM visits with their performance VÖLVA'S JUDGEMENT. 

A children's opera inspired by the poem "The Prophecy of the Völva" from old Nordic mythology. Völva can look into the past and into the future - and what she sees is chaos and Ragnarok, but also hope and resurrection.

VÖLVA'S JUDGEMENT is a raw and eerie presentation of greed and change. It is about a planet under pressure as well as an unrelenting belief in positive action.

At the head of the show is the Reumert-nominated Icelandic composer Hugi Gudmundsson. Standing on the stage and behind the production is a team from Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark.


Greenland has a long tradition of summoning spirits. Mask dancing - or Uaajaarneq in Greenlandic - was used by shamans to get in touch with spirits from the beyond. The actress Benedikte 'Bendo' Schmidt will dance this traditional dance and inaugurate the audience in the colours and symbolism of the masks.

Benedikte 'Bendo' Schmidt will also tell the myths and legends of the Greenlandic faith by the shadows of an oil lamp.


During the day on the fifth floor of the warehouse it will be possible to sit down and enjoy a selection of Nordic folklore and newly composed music. Among other things, the Icelandic chamber choir STAKA will perform a programme of both new and traditional Icelandic songs, while the recorder player Michala Petri, together with the Esbjerg Ensemble, will perform compositions by, amongst others, Faroese composer Sunleif Rasmussen.


On the ground and 1st floor you will be able to view the photo exhibition SIKU AJORPOQ - isen er usikker by the photographers Ragnar Axelsson and Carsten Egevang. For decades, the two photographers have documented everyday life in some of Greenland's most remote regions. Here, your tomorrow relies on the day's catch and changes in the climate - anything but an abstract future dystopia.


Throughout the building you will also be able to enjoy music and poetry with roots from all over the North Atlantic. Including the duo DuoDenum, who will perform the work Piseq inspired by an old Greenlandic legend, as well as  the Faroese guitarist Ólavur Jakobsen, who plays unique Faroese songs.





SATURdaY 1/2 //
// Nordatlantens Brygge 


11-17 // Free entry 

11.00 WelCOME

All day: The photo exhibition SIKU AJORPOQ 

1st floor

11.30 Greelandic mask dancing
13.30 Greelandic legends by Bendo Schmidt
16.00 Faorese dancing by Fótatraðk 
All day: Hang out with the polarbear

2nd floor

13.00 Faroese guitar by Ólavur Jakobsen
15.00 North Atlantic inspired music by KIMI trio

3. floor


4th floor

13.00 Greelandic inspired music by DuoH
15.00 Faroese music by DuoH

5th floor

12.00 Koncert: Islandic choir music by Staka
13.00 Music Theatre for Children: VÖLVA´S JUDGEMENT
14.00 Koncert: Michala Petri & Esbjerg Ensemble
15.00 Music Theatre for Children: VÖLVA´S JUDGEMENT


Michala Petri, solo fløjter (DK)
Esbjerg Ensemble (DK)
Musikteatret SAUM (Nordisk)
Folkedanserforeningen Fótatradk (FO)
Bendo Schmidt (GL) 
Ólavur Jakobsen (FO)
KIMI trio (IS) 
DuoH (DK)
Staka (IS)
Ragnar Axelsson (IS) 
Carsten Egevang (DK)

NJORD | 30. JAN – 02. FEB 2020 | KØBENHAVN

NJORD Biennale er Københavns biennale for ny, nordisk kunstmusik. Biennalen samler en række komponister, musikere, visuelle kunstnere, digtere, instruktører o.a. i nordiske samarbejder omkring en række tværkunstneriske projekter.