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karen-lise mynster (DK)

Karen-Lise Mynster (b.1952) is one of the most prominent figures in Danish theatre. She graduated from the Danish Theatre School and the Aalborg Theatre in 1975 and has been performing on stage for almost half a century.

Throughout her long career, Mynster has gained a reputation as an extremely prolific and versatile actress. Most notably she has had supporting roles in classics such as Mutter Courage, The Gull, Hedda Gabler and Oedipus and Antigone as well as experimental new dramas, including Lars Norén's Autumn and Winter, Peter Asmussen's What is and Cabaret The Jumping Point written by poet Inger Christensen. 

Mynster made her popular breakthrough in the role of Eliza in My Fair Lady in 1978. For a number of years at the beginning of her career, Mynster was firmly associated with the Royal Theatre. After a break of just over 30 years, she returned to the ensemble at the Royal Theatre, where she has now been involved in a number of theatrical productions since 2016.

Mynster has also received several prestigious awards including twice winning the Reumert prize for the female lead of the year.

At the NJORD Biennale 2020 we are honored to be able to present Karen-Lise Mynster during Saturday's PRISON POEMS concert.

Mahvash Sabet (IR)

Iranian Mahvash Sabet (b.1953) is a poet and was formerly a leading figure in the Bahá'í religious minority. 

In 2008, Mahvash Sabet was arrested and two years later sentenced to 20 years in prison by an Iranian court, solely because she is a member of the Bahá'í community.

Trapped in one of Iran's toughest prisons, Mahvash Sabet wrote her poems on napkins and toilet paper. Thanks to a number of aides, Sabet's poems were smuggled out, edited, published and translated from Persian into English as Prison poems (2013).

These are powerful poems that reflect on desperation, hope, and loneliness, yet at the same time show us how a human being can grow in spirit while their external circumstance progressively deteriorates. 

At NJORD 2020, Mahvash Sabet will be represented in Saturday's PRISON POEMS concert.

NJORD | Jan 30 – Feb 02 2020 | Copenhagen

NJORD is Copenhagen's biennale for new Nordic music and art. The biennale brings together composers, visual artists, musicians, poets, and directors in Nordic collaboration on a number of cross-artistic projects.