Athelas Sinfonietta // foto: Alexander Banck-Petersen

Two musical heavyweights, Athelas Sinfonietta and Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir, will perform side by side when NJORD Biennale zooms in om the meeting between music and poetry for the first time this year at NJORD's opening concert. 
Athelas Sinfonietta, one of the best ensembles when it comes to new music will take the stage, bringing a string quintet, a pianist, and three percussionists. Together with the clarinettist Mathias Kjøller and Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir's stellar Nordic singers the ensemble will perform a poetic concert programme, where words and music let us reflect on life. 

In an interplay between choir works and short, instrumental pieces the audiece is lead through a musical spiral, from Anna Thorvaldsdottir's Ad Genua for soprano, choir, and string quintet into the centre of the concert, when a string trio meditates on Thorvaldsdottir's Reflections, before we are once again twisted outward, towards the end of the evening with the final piece, Per Nørgård's Dream Songs for choir and percussion. The opening concert also features works by Lasse Thoresen, Anders Nordentoft, Anna Cederberg-Orreteg, and Benjamin Staern. 

Bent sørensen at 60

The evening continues with the biennale's first late night concert, Late Night I,  celebrating one of the greatest composers in Denmark. The composer Bent Sørensen turns 60 in 2018 and NJORD celebrates this milestone with a concert performed by the piano virtuoso Katrine Gislinge. She will perform Bent Sørensen's 12 Nocturnes for solo piano and put it in a historical relief through a performance of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

A Pre-Concert Artist Talk 

Before the concerts it is possible to meet this year's composer-in-residence, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, at an artist talk that will also feature the Norwegian composer Lasse Thoresen as well as the Danish author and radio presenter, Knud Romer who will serve as mediator of this meeting and the ensuing conversation between music, poetry, and the visual arts.  
After the talk we will serve a light meal.
Please note: To attend the talk you must purchase a ticket that is valid for both the artist talk and the evening's concerts. 

Mogens Dahl Kammerkor // foto: Anders Hviid

REFLEctions, Circles, SPIRALS

THursday 25/1
The Assembly Hall / Charlottenborg
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17.30 Artist Talk (incl. A light Meal)

w. Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Lasse Thoresen & Knud Romer (moderator) 

19.30 REFLECtions, CIRCles, SPIRALS

w. Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir, Athelas Sinfonietta, Mathias Kjøller (clarinet), Mogens Dahl (cond.)
Solo singers: Ingeborg Dalheim (soprano), Nana Bugge Rasmussen (mezzosoprano), David Wijkman (baritone)

Anna Thorvaldsdottir: Ad Genua (2016), Danish premiere

Anna Cederberg-Orreteg: Music to Hear (2009)

Benjamin Staern: 2 Tranströmersange (2008), Danish premiere

Anna Thorvaldsdottir: Reflections (2016)

Lasse Thoresen: SolSirkler (2016), Danish premiere

Per Nørgård: Dream Songs (1981)

Anders Nordentoft's Three Vignettes (for viola solo) will be performed In between the lyrical pieces. 

20.45 Opening Reception

At the Assembly Hall entrance


21.30 Late Night I:
Bent Sørensen at 60 

w. Katrine Gislinge (piano)

Bent Sørensen: 12 Nocturnes (2014)

Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata quasi una fantasia (Moonlight Sonata) (1801)


Katrine Gislinge // foto: Stine Heilmann

Mathias Kjøller // foto: Morten Lundrup

NJORD | Jan 30 – Feb 02 2020 | Copenhagen

NJORD is Copenhagen's biennale for new Nordic music and art. The biennale brings together composers, visual artists, musicians, poets, and directors in Nordic collaboration on a number of cross-artistic projects.