Workshop // Light travels

Stilleben / foto: Clea Filippa Ingwersen

Children's workshop for grades 4-6

NJORD Biennale 2018 presents the school workshop LIGHT TRAVELS under the theme of Nordic Noir. For the workshop, sound resaercher and Ph.D. in Musicology, Ingeborg Okkels, composer and sound designer Patricio Fraile, and industrial designer Ann Linn Palm create an explorative, playful, and educational workshop for children in grades 4-6. The workshop takes its point of departure from an Icelandic legend about light and shadow that pupils are asked to interpret through auditive and visual means. 

Working together on analogue and tactile experiments that involve sound, colour, and form, children explore and convey the legend's narrative focus on the meaning of light and the way light shapes our understandig of the world in the Nordic countries. The workshop deals with the sublte shades of darkness, and it creates an introspective and reflective space for each child through its use of only analogue materials. By means of colour, shapes, and timbres, the worshop concludes with a unique audiovisual work, created by the children. 


The aim is to use eyes, ears, and hands

The workshop gives its participants a basic understanding of sound, shapes, and colour and how the three components interplay and connect when conveying an audiovisual narrative. It creates an experimental space that highlights visual, tactile, and auditive experiences. How do we express ourselves using concrete materials and our bodies? How can we explore the interplay between sound and images? And how can we work with several shades of darkness? Through exercises and the completion of an actual art work, the workshop develops the children's theoretical understanding as well as their technical and creative skills. These skills benefit the children as part of an on-going creative and cultural education and help them grow artistically. Furthermore, the workshop helps the children gain a nuanced vocabulary, so that they are better equipped when discussing abstract concepts, better able to read a text and communicate its message creatively, as well as talk about their own experiences.


The workshop

Target group: Grades 4-6
Duration: 5 days with 3-4 lessons per day, e.g. from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Content: The programme for the first days of the workshop concentrates on experimenting and analysing connections between sounds, shapes, and colours using different materials, including pencils, bottle caps, images and castanets. One of the ways in which this is done, is using a sound/light grid, where the children place various objects that they have brought to class and through an exploration of the dark colour scheme, covering black, dark shades, and actual colour. The remainder of the workshop is dedicated to generating ideas for instruments that the children then build and paint so that they can be used for the final day of the workshop, when the children perform their interpretation of the Icelandic legend by way of these audiovisual means.  
Materials: NJORD provides all materials needed for the workshop (wood, paint, tools, etc.) We also send you a set of teaching materials beforehand, which the class can use in preparation for the workshop. The teaching materials include the Icelandic legend as well as a guide to focal points, work questions, and exercises. 



duration: 5 days with 3-4 Lessons PER DAY

when: February-march 2018

where: we come to you




Ingeborg Okkels, sound researher, Ph.D., and teacher 
Patricio Fraile, sound designer and teacher
Ann Linn Palm Hansen, artist and teacher


Trine Heide Pedersen, thp@njordbiennale.com

NJORD | Jan 30 – Feb 02 2020 | Copenhagen

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